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Ben's Ride
Ben's Ride

When Ben, an avid cyclist, died of suicidal depression, his family immediately wanted to do something in his name to help others.

A Choir of Angels
A Choir of Angels

A short story about a joyful, talented, welcoming community of musicians: the Choir of Guardian Angels Church in Kansas City.

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jerusalem farm
Jerusalem Farm

The first idea for Jerusalem Farm began in the autumn of 2011 and its dedication in May 2012.

tweed ride
Tweed Ride

In the spirit of “The Golden Age of Bicycles” from 1880 to 1910.

bethlehem farm
Bethlehem Farm

Bethlehem Farm welcomes groups of volunteers to its scenic Appalachian hilltop.

cycle for change 2011
Cycling for Change 2011

A week-long ride around the Catholic diocese in northwest Missouri.

okinawa bolivia
Okinawa, Bolivia

There is a small, rural town in the tropical lowlands of eastern Bolivia that is a surprising home.

water with blessings
Water With Blessings

Sister Larraine Lauter became familiar with many of the needs and problems being faced by Hondurans.

st. martin
St. Martin de Porres Parish

St. Martin de Porres Parish nonetheless thrives as a church, school, and heart of the community.

nazareth farm
Nazareth Farm

living out the Gospel through the four “cornerstones”.

san maximilano
San Maximiliano

I was able to accompany Fr. Isidoro for a day in his life ministering to the people.

cycle for change 2010
Cycling for Change 2010

It was to be a cross-country discovery of the condition of the poor in America and a call to action.